L essentiel du droit constitutionnel 2014 2015

Titre : L essentiel du droit constitutionnel 2014 2015
Auteur : Gilles Champagne
Éditeur : Gualino éditeur
ISBN-13 : 9782297042789
Libération : 2014-08-19

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Ce livre présente en 8 chapitres l’ensemble des connaissances nécessaires pour connaître et comprendre les principes du droit constitutionnel ainsi que leur application dans les différents régimes politiques. Il intègre l’actualité française et étrangère la plus récente. Au total, une présentation synthétique, rigoureuse et pratique de la théorie générale du droit constitutionnel. - Étudiants des filières juridiques, notamment 1re année de licence Droit - Étudiants des instituts d’études politiques - Étudiants en 1re année de licence AES - Candidats aux concours de la fonction publique d’État et de la fonction publique territoriale (épreuve de droit public et de culture générale)

L essentiel du droit constitutionnel 2016 2017

Titre : L essentiel du droit constitutionnel 2016 2017
Auteur : Gilles Champagne
Éditeur : Gualino éditeur
ISBN-13 : 9782297054171
Libération : 2016-08-16

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L'essentiel de la théorie générale du droit constitutionnel (15e éd. 2016- 2017) est une synthèse rigoureuse, pratique et à jour de l'ensemble des connaissances que le lecteur doit avoir. 8 Chapitres. - Étudiants en licence Droit - Étudiants des instituts d'études politiques - Étudiants du 1er cycle universitaire (Droit, Science politique, AES) - Candidats aux concours de la fonction publique

Sex and the Constitution Sex Religion and Law from America s Origins to the Twenty First Century

Titre : Sex and the Constitution Sex Religion and Law from America s Origins to the Twenty First Century
Auteur : Geoffrey R. Stone
Éditeur : Liveright Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781631493652
Libération : 2017-03-21

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There has never been a book like Sex and the Constitution, a one-volume history that chapter after chapter overturns popular shibboleths, while dramatically narrating the epic story of how sex came to be legislated in America. Beginning his volume in the ancient and medieval worlds, Geoffrey R. Stone demonstrates how the Founding Fathers, deeply influenced by their philosophical forebears, saw traditional Christianity as an impediment to the pursuit of happiness and to the quest for human progress. Acutely aware of the need to separate politics from the divisive forces of religion, the Founding Fathers crafted a constitution that expressed the fundamental values of the Enlightenment. Although the Second Great Awakening later came to define America through the lens of evangelical Christianity, nineteenth-century Americans continued to view sex as a matter of private concern, so much so that sexual expression and information about contraception circulated freely, abortions before “quickening” remained legal, and prosecutions for sodomy were almost nonexistent. The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries reversed such tolerance, however, as charismatic spiritual leaders and barnstorming politicians rejected the values of our nation’s founders. Spurred on by Anthony Comstock, America’s most feared enforcer of morality, new laws were enacted banning pornography, contraception, and abortion, with Comstock proposing that the word “unclean” be branded on the foreheads of homosexuals. Women increasingly lost control of their bodies, and birth control advocates, like Margaret Sanger, were imprisoned for advocating their beliefs. In this new world, abortions were for the first time relegated to dank and dangerous back rooms. The twentieth century gradually saw the emergence of bitter divisions over issues of sexual “morality” and sexual freedom. Fiercely determined organizations and individuals on both the right and the left wrestled in the domains of politics, religion, public opinion, and the courts to win over the soul of the nation. With its stirring portrayals of Supreme Court justices, Sex and the Constitution reads like a dramatic gazette of the critical cases they decided, ranging from Griswold v. Connecticut (contraception), to Roe v. Wade (abortion), to Obergefell v. Hodges (gay marriage), with Stone providing vivid historical context to the decisions that have come to define who we are as a nation. Now, though, after the 2016 presidential election, we seem to have taken a huge step backward, with the progress of the last half century suddenly imperiled. No one can predict the extent to which constitutional decisions safeguarding our personal freedoms might soon be eroded, but Sex and the Constitution is more vital now than ever before.

The Nuremberg Medical Trial

Titre : The Nuremberg Medical Trial
Auteur : Horst H. Freyhofer
Éditeur : Peter Lang
ISBN-13 : 0820467979
Libération : 2004-01

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Freyhofer gives the reader the opportunity to follow the exchange between prosecutors and defendants as well as the final reasoning of the court."--BOOK JACKET.

The French institutionalists Maurice Hauriou Georges Renard Joseph T Delos

Titre : The French institutionalists Maurice Hauriou Georges Renard Joseph T Delos
Auteur : Albert Broderick
Éditeur : Harvard Univ Pr
ISBN-13 : PSU:000015532831
Libération : 1970

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Albert Broderick A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de The French institutionalists Maurice Hauriou Georges Renard Joseph T Delos Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Northern Territory Central Australia

Titre : Northern Territory Central Australia
Auteur : Paul Harding
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1741042240
Libération : 2006

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Welcome to the 'real Australia'. Be captivated by the lush, tropical Top End, with iconic Kakadu National Park, cosmopolitan Darwin and unique Tiwi Island culture. Head south to Australia's spiritual heart, Uluru, in the arid Red Centre and engage with vibrant Aboriginal culture, from the ancient to the modern. Swim in secluded rockpools, explore the desert by camel or 4WD, and yarn with some outback characters - there's nowhere on earth quite like the Territory. Great Accommodation - We cover it all: comfortable retreats in Darwin, campsites from Kakadu to Uluru, swags under the stars and outback pub stays Fine Dining - barbecued barramundi fresh off the line, gourmet bush-tucker feasts under the night sky and the myriad delights of Darwin's beach market Indigenous Culture - Expert art and culture chapters are only the beginning: Australia's ancient and multifaceted cultures pervade our guide from cover to cover