La France dans ses territoires

Titre : La France dans ses territoires
Auteur : Magali Reghezza-Zitt
Éditeur : Armand Colin
ISBN-13 : 9782200619657
Libération : 2017-08-16

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L’espace français a connu ces dernières années de profondes mutations liées à des dynamiques internes structurelles mais aussi à des évolutions rapides du contexte géopolitique et économique international. Pour saisir l’ensemble de ces évolutions, cet ouvrage propose une nouvelle géographie de la France, en l’abordant par l’entrée des « territoires », qui permettent ainsi de combiner les approches politique, culturelle, économique et sociale. Cette nouvelle édition vient également faire le point sur les problématiques les plus récentes : réforme territoriale, mutation des systèmes productifs, changement climatique et transition écologique, marges et périphéries. Une synthèse incontournable assortie de nombreux outils et figures originales, avec des études de cas en fin de chaque chapitre.

Encyclopedia of Rainbows

Titre : Encyclopedia of Rainbows
Auteur : Julie Seabrook Ream
Éditeur : Chronicle Books
ISBN-13 : 9781452155555
Libération : 2017-03-28

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This playful collection of rainbows is a bright and beautiful appreciation of all the color that surrounds us. Artist Julie Seabrook Ream invites us to see the extraordinary beauty of ordinary objects: she gathers colorful iterations of a single type of thing, from feathers to fishing gear, matchbooks to macarons, and neatly arranges them in rainbow order. A fascinating index details all the objects in each rainbow, bringing the magnetic appeal of meticulous organization to this burst of color in book form. A striking package— with foil stamping on the cover and a rainbow-colored exposed spine—makes this celebratory book a treasure for those who love art, design, and a fresh perspective.

Pete With No Pants

Titre : Pete With No Pants
Auteur : Rowboat Watkins
Éditeur : Chronicle Books
ISBN-13 : 9781452167381
Libération : 2017-05-02

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Meet Pete. Pete is gray. He's round. And he's not wearing any pants. So Pete must be a boulder. Or is he a pigeon? Or a squirrel? Or a cloud? Join Pete in his quest to answer the world's oldest question: Why do I have to wear pants? Wait, that's the second oldest. Born from the one-of-a-kind imagination of Rowboat Watkins, this hilarious book (the asides just beg to be read aloud) about finding out who you are features a satisfying and touching ending that will encourage young readers to be true to themselves as it reminds the adults in their lives to support them no matter what.

New York in Color

Titre : New York in Color
Auteur : Bob Shamis
Éditeur : Harry N. Abrams
ISBN-13 : 1419700618
Libération : 2011-10-01

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New York in Color presents the best color photography of New York over the last century. From its iconic landmarks like Times Square and Coney Island to the visual poetry of its streets and skyline, New York presents an ever-changing visual collage best seen in color. Here, neon lights define the spirit of the night, a young Bob Dylan lingers in the snows of Greenwich Village, subway trains are rolling murals, and New Yorkers of every era become dramatic actors on the world’s greatest stage. Presenting work—much of it unknown—by major photographers, including such masters as André Kertész, William Klein, Helen Levitt, and Joel Meyerowitz, New York in Color is destined to be a classic photographic survey of the world’s most visually vibrant city. Praise for New York in Color: “Even in black-and-white, New York’s colors come through. They do so more vividly in New York in Color, a stunning, color-only anthology.” —New York Times “Shamis . . . is to be praised not only for his selections but also for the fine sequencing—we see a picture of Coney Island circa 1902, for instance, right before another circa 1956—that adds to our appreciation of the individual images.” —William Meyers, Wall Street Journal “The two hundred images represent a visual conversation about New York, one that is inflected with everything from soft, pastel hues to jolting reds and yellows. There is grit and grace, lightness and laughter. And, yes, tragedy—a selection of images near the end is devoted to the World Trade Center.” —New York Times Lens Blog “Offer[s] a rare glimpse of colorful city life. . . . Flipping through the book shows that New York City life was never gray” —New York Post “A fantastic collection and the perfect gift book for anyone who loves the city or fine photography.” —Connecticut Post “There’s no shortage of iconic black-and-white New York images. What you may be less familiar with, however, is the city’s rich history of color photography. This history is the subject of curator Bob Shamis’s stunning new coffee-table book, New York in Color, which is filled with some two hundred vibrant photos from the past hundred years.” —

Masha and Her Sisters

Titre : Masha and Her Sisters
Auteur :
Éditeur : Chronicle Books
ISBN-13 : 1452151598
Libération : 2017-03-07

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Meet Masha and her sisters in this charming die-cut novelty board book inspired by Russian nesting dolls. Featuring shaped pages with brightly painted edges, and culminating in a satisfying finale, these nestled dolls reinforce a sweet message: they may be different, but they're a perfect fit!

The Book of Shells

Titre : The Book of Shells
Auteur : M. G. Harasewych
Éditeur : University of Chicago Press
ISBN-13 : 9780226177052
Libération : 2014-12-10

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Who among us hasn’t marveled at the diversity and beauty of shells? Or picked one up, held it to our ear, and then gazed in wonder at its shape and hue? Many a lifelong shell collector has cut teeth (and toes) on the beaches of the Jersey Shore, the Outer Banks, or the coasts of Sanibel Island. Some have even dived to the depths of the ocean. But most of us are not familiar with the biological origin of shells, their role in explaining evolutionary history, and the incredible variety of forms in which they come. Shells are the external skeletons of mollusks, an ancient and diverse phylum of invertebrates that are in the earliest fossil record of multicellular life over 500 million years ago. There are over 100,000 kinds of recorded mollusks, and some estimate that there are over amillion more that have yet to be discovered. Some breathe air, others live in fresh water, but most live in the ocean. They range in size from a grain of sand to a beach ball and in weight from a few grams to several hundred pounds. And in this lavishly illustrated volume, they finally get their full due. The Book of Shells offers a visually stunning and scientifically engaging guide to six hundred of the most intriguing mollusk shells, each chosen to convey the range of shapes and sizes that occur across a range of species. Each shell is reproduced here at its actual size, in full color, and is accompanied by an explanation of the shell’s range, distribution, abundance, habitat, and operculum—the piece that protects the mollusk when it’s in the shell. Brief scientific and historical accounts of each shell and related species include fun-filled facts and anecdotes that broaden its portrait. The Matchless Cone, for instance, or Conus cedonulli, was one of the rarest shells collected during the eighteenth century. So much so, in fact, that a specimen in 1796 was sold for more than six times as much as a painting by Vermeer at the same auction. But since the advent of scuba diving, this shell has become far more accessible to collectors—though not without certain risks. Some species of Conus produce venom that has caused more than thirty known human deaths. The Zebra Nerite, the Heart Cockle, the Indian Babylon, the Junonia, the Atlantic Thorny Oyster—shells from habitats spanning the poles and the tropics, from the highest mountains to the ocean’s deepest recesses, are all on display in this definitive work.

Becoming Leonardo

Titre : Becoming Leonardo
Auteur : Mike Lankford
Éditeur : Melville House
ISBN-13 : 9781612195957
Libération : 2017

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While Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most discussed artists of all time, it's shocking how little is actually known about him at least, according to most of his biographies. Why did he leave his small hometown? Why didn't he complete so many projects? Why did a seeming peace-lover volunteer to create war machines? Why did he always take the Mona Lisa with him, wherever he went? Was he gay? Enter passionate Da Vinci fan Mike Lankford, who has written the first biography openly and thoroughly discussing the questions which previous modern scholars and biographers have avoided.